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We would like to invite all Greek Organizations to participate in our upcoming back-to-school community service event.


The event will be hosted in Virginia Beach, Virginia by Soror sErEnE where all donations will be given to a local shelter for children. 


Together let’s make an impact on future generations.



5 LOFTS Philanthropic Platform
  • Mental Health -ETPsi Sorority, Inc. members vow to bring awareness to mental health issues in the LGBT community.

  • International Women's Day-We believe that all women collectively have fought for our rights equally across the globe.

  • Brain Tumor Awarness - Nearly 700,000 have been diagnosed and another 70,000 each year, let's not continue losing great minds to brain tumors.

  •  Earth Day -                    (April 22nd) The world we live in is in danger. How will you protect it?

  • The Change You Want To See - Ensuring that we educate others on the history of grassroots protest and social injustices that currently affects the LGBT community.

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