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Eta Theta Psi Sorority, Inc. proudly supports World AIDS Day. This important day is dedicated to raising awareness about HIV/AIDS, showing solidarity with those affected by the virus, and working towards its prevention and treatment.


We encourage everyone to take part in World AIDS Day by:

  • Educating yourself and others: Learn about the facts and myths surrounding HIV/AIDS, and spread accurate information to reduce stigma and discrimination.

  • Getting tested: Knowing your own HIV status is crucial for your health and the well-being of your community. Encourage regular testing.

  • Supporting those living with HIV/AIDS: Show compassion, understanding, and respect for individuals and families affected by HIV. Let's create a more inclusive and caring environment.

  • Promoting safe practices: Advocate for safe sex and harm reduction strategies to prevent the spread of HIV.

  • Donating to organizations that work on HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and research.


Together, we can make a difference in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Let's work towards a world where no one has to suffer from this disease, and where everyone affected receives the care and support they need.



Join Eta Theta Psi Sorority, Inc. in honoring our loved ones for Grief Awareness Week. This week, we come together to remember and pay tribute to those we have lost. It's a time to reflect on the cherished memories we shared with them and offer support to those who are currently experiencing grief.


  • Participate by sharing a memory of someone you've lost. These memories help keep their spirit alive and provide comfort during difficult times. Feel free to share your stories and experiences to celebrate the lives of your loved ones.

  • Be a listening ear to someone who has experienced grief. Grief can be a lonely journey, and lending a compassionate ear can make a significant difference. Reach out to friends and family who may be grieving and offer your support, a shoulder to cry on, or simply a kind word.

  • Spreading awareness is crucial during Grief Awareness Week. Share information and resources about coping with grief and the importance of supporting one another during challenging times. Let's work together to create a community that understands and empathizes with the struggles of those dealing with grief.

5 LOFTS Philanthropic Platform
  • Brain Tumor Awarness - Nearly 700,000 have been diagnosed and another 70,000 each year, let's not continue losing great minds to brain tumors.

  •  Earth Day -                    (April 22nd) The world we live in is in danger. How will you protect it?

  • Mental Health -ETPsi Sorority, Inc. members vow to bring awareness to mental health issues in the LGBT community.

  • The Change You Want To See - Ensuring that we educate others on the history of grassroots protest and social injustices that currently affects the LGBT community.

  • International Women's Day-We believe that all women collectively have fought for our rights equally across the globe.

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